The system in winter, the guide arm

Hi, I’m pretty sure people don’t check back to see if there are replies to their comments (right?) so I thought I’d answer a few here.

Elaine wonders what the variations are for the system dresser in winter? While I can’t answer on behalf of Ms Fisher, I know that in winter I add another layer over my camisoles in the form of a long-sleeved knit top, and then wear a jacket/cardigan/pullover over that.  I’m also thinking you’d replace the summer bottoms with similar but heavier – a lined wool skirt, lined wool trousers, and jeans would be my three.

Karen and Judith like the skirt!  Thank you.  Judith, I shall indeed be sewing 100,000 of these.  It hardly uses any fabric so I think it will become my go-to skirt for Using Up Yardage. (A UUY skirt?)  Karen, my claims of out-of-the-envelope sewing are completely true.  The skirt is not bias cut but it is beautifully cut, which I didn’t expect.  The front/back seams are not on the straight of grain, rather the straight of grain falls down the legs, so the centre seams are on a slight bias.  I think this gives it a lovely drape, although it does make it slightly less fabric-efficient.  You could use the pattern to cut it in the traditional way but I think the fall of the skirt is much nicer this way. Come to think of it, you could alter a traditional pattern’s grain to achieve the same effect, of course.

Karin remarks that she thinks adding seam allowances to Burda is a pain.  Karin, check out the rotary-cutter guide arm I showed in this post.  The post has lots of extraneous pictures, so here’s the key one again:

A Burda skirt pattern with the seam allowances cut by guide arm. Nice, isn't it?

It fits on Olfa cutters only.  Here’s a picture of the gadget,. Search for Olfa guide arm. About £3, as I recall, and well worth it.

The screw at the end goes into the cutter handle, and the black thing is adjustable. You run the black thing along the pattern and the cutter is automatically positioned the correct width away. Just don't do it backwards, as I have done on more than one occasion. You *can* use it backwards to trim seam allowances off patterns if you find them irritating, as I sometimes do.

I will be working hard this week as I have some consulting to do (hooray!).  It is Super Secret (according to my employers) so I can’t tell you anything about it.  Apart from it’s well-paid.

One thought on “The system in winter, the guide arm”

  1. OMG! I already have an Olfa cutter, of course, so for £3.95 plus shipping, my life is changed. Thanks so much for the tip! Glad to hear that you have some well paid consulting work. Academics need some good pay now and then!

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